Check / Mate

A game project about safe sex practice by Team Mate

Check / Mate is a visual novel game where the core mechanic is trust, which is built between the characters through the players’ actions. The point-and-click controls are meant to emulate physical interaction. For example, scrolling with the mouse results in gentle actions, while clicking on the center button on the mouse leads to harsh actions. What players can do with a character depends on the trust between their avatar and the character.

This project has been designed for the Sex Etc. Game Design Contest at Game For Change

We have been selected as finalist and will present our project at Game For Change in New York the 17th June.

To stay in touch, you can follow the Game Project Check Mate Facebook Page

Team Mate

We know each other since our studies at ENJMIN (The graduate school of games and interactive media, Angoulême, France) and decided to create a team to participate to the Sex Etc. Game Design Competition.